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BAM Ritchies is a leading, award winning, geotechnical company providing fully integrated ground engineering services, including ‘design and construct’, for government organisations, local authorities, main contractors, utilities and public / private companies.

The Situation
Ground investigation projects require the collection and presentation of large amounts of data. The use of pen and paper was a cumbersome and inefficient way of collecting and recording data, particularly for the back-end office teams who had to process the data and enter it onto internal databases.

Not only was the delay in getting these records into the national offices a problem, but lost paperwork and handwriting legibility presented challenges.

The Solution
Although a big project, BAM Ritchies knew a change was necessary to increase productivity and better meet client’s requirements. The change was welcomed by all.

Digital Field Solutions worked with BAM Ritchies engineers to set up a range of data capture forms with some containing up to 1300 different fields. BAM Ritchies utilised Formworks’ powerful scripting capability to add form logic, data rules and form dynamics with the aim of optimising data quality and enhancing the user experience.

The Formworks Excel template export module was used to map the collected data and then convert it to the geotechnical AGS4 data file format required by BAM Ritchies for analysis and reporting at the click of a button. These files are now imported straight into BAM Ritchies’ central database and can be sent straight to the client.

The Benefits
The benefits of using Formworks have been seen by both the company and it’s clients.
The speed at which logs and reports are coming in and being processed enhances customer service.

Field crew productivity and morale has been boosted. They also now use the Formworks barcode reader to read pre-printed sample labels instead of having to key them in manually, which can be tedious, time consuming, and always open to the possibility of human error.

Data accuracy has been enhanced with prompts and controls now ensuring that engineers and drillers record the specific information required. The process is now much more streamlined so time and costs have been significantly reduced.

Drillers’ and engineers’ data is sent instantly to BAM Ritchies central cloud based system which automatically filters them into to do lists for the relevant offices. This focuses the work flow for each office and ensures that nothing is missed.