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Digital pen and paper is a quick, easy and reliable way of capturing and sending information from outside the office. Use a digital pen to fill out a form, even draw a sketch, then send an exact image of the form to your office via your own mobile phone, safe and sound, in an instant.

How does it work? The digital pen (sometimes known as an electronic pen), together with normal paper overprinted with a dot pattern, captures the digital pen strokes with a tiny camera. It takes an exact image of the handwriting and the form it was written on. The data can be up-loaded via a compatible mobile phone or by docking with a PC.

Better yet, the digital pen can also translate handwriting to text, so you can send information straight into your office system saving on unnecessary admin time.

Sending and receiving information from outside the office will be quicker than you thought possible with our clever digital pen product.

Pen and paper will never seem the same again.

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The digital pen and form solution delivered by Digital Field Solutions has helped us create a unique proposition for the marketplace and win key client accounts at the start of our business.”
Managing Director, Property Repair Company

The digital pen and form solution delivered by Digital Field Solutions has helped us create an extremely efficient business model. Our DEAs love the digital pen - it is simple to use, convenient, reliable and makes their job so much easier.”
Managing Director, Energy Survey Company

Digital Pen in action

Are digital pens worth the investment?

Taking away the burden of posting or faxing information from field staff means they have more time for completing sales, undertaking inspections or doing repairs. Which also improves customer response times, resulting in faster payments and improved cash flow.

And if you translate handwritten forms into text, you cut down on back office admin time too.

Deployment is straightforward and painless. Very little training is required because the paper forms are familiar to your teams and using a digital pen is as easy as using a ballpoint.

Switching to digital pen to gather and send information leaves your field staff to do what they do best – doing the job they are trained, and paid, to do, more effectively, much quicker.

The end result? Greater productivity, better results and happy customers. You can’t put a price on that.

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Who should use digital pens?

Digital pens naturally handle text checkboxes, sketches, unstructured notes and client signatures, making them ideal for surveys, audits, maintenance and repair records, sales visits, research questionnaires and dispatch notes.

They are especially useful for teams that don’t want to be burdened with extra equipment, where conditions are not suitable for bulky or fragile laptops or tablets or the data is too fiddly for PDAs.

Whether you are a large organisation or small, the information you send via digital pen can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, as self-contained or as fully integrated into your IT systems as you require.

Lightweight, as familiar as pen and paper, quick and secure, information processing away from the office has never been so simple.

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