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Formworks is an easy to create, easy to use iPad forms app that cuts information processing and order completion time in half.

Sending text, written notes and images instantly from source directly into your office system, means you can respond to customer needs, orders and enquiries much more quickly.

Forms actually look like paper forms too, making them logical to complete and simple to navigate. You can also pre-populate fields with customer information to make completion even quicker. And for those who prefer to write, Formworks uses the best handwriting recognition technology on the market today.

Our digital tablet forms have been designed with years of experience of the best mobile form creation and delivery in mind, leaving client facing teams to do what they do best – spend time with customers.

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Formworks iPad forms in action

Is it worth investment?

Imagine the time you’d save not waiting for the post or having to type customer information into your database all over again.

Our iPad forms provide considerable cost savings. Mobile data capture technology can recover their initial cost very quickly. We know, because we’ve been delivering mobile forms solutions to businesses for a while.

Think about giving your people the time to do what they do best – meet more clients, develop new business, respond more quickly. Invaluable.

Being ahead of the game also looks good in front of customers. Priceless.

Who is it for?

Any organisation, big or small, with small or large teams, that:

  • Sells products or services
  • Gathers information on the move, like market research, energy surveys, building estimates, medical notes or claims forms
  • Needs to process internal information remotely, such as vehicle checks or expense forms.
Free 30 day iPad form trial available on the Appstore Mobile data capture forms app Available on the Appstore

Using Formworks iPad mobile data capture app

Will it work with my office system?

Yes. Formworks is an app for iPad but is designed to output data in common formats so that it can integrate easily with your office processes and systems.

As standard, data exports include XML, CSV and PDF via email and FTP. Other export options can be custom built to meet your specialist data capture requirements.

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How much does it cost?

There are a range of Formworks options and features to choose from. The best options for you will depend on your business requirements.

Advanced Options for example, give you greater flexibility to pre-fill forms with data, set data entry validation rules and create triggers to notify people and departments when particular information is collected.

The cost of your solution depends on the features you require and the number of iPad users you have. We are able to designe a bespoke solution for easy data capture dependent on your requirements.

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Watch how easy Formworks iPad forms are to use

Does it take long to create a form?

Creating a form really can take minutes, not hours – you don’t need any programming expertise.

Easy to use drag and drop tools are set within a familiar desktop web environment and all the best features of iPad, like swipe and scroll, make pages easy to navigate within the Formworks App itself.

Best of all, you can instantly see what the form looks like as you design it, and easily go back and change things you don’t like.

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