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Digital Mobile Forms

With mobile device use becoming common-place in the business world we’re starting to see many forward thinking organisations replace traditional pen and paper with electronic mobile forms. The advantages of adopting well designed mobile forms are many:

  • Faster form completion and greater productivity
  • Data right first time – form controls mean fewer errors and re-work
  • Immediate data transfer – improved responsiveness and service
  • Signature capture allows date and time stamped sign off
  • Photo capture – ideal for recording evidence of condition, ID etc
  • Elimination of data re-keying, paper management and scanning
  • No lost paperwork
  • Low environmental impact

Formworks, our mobile forms platform, is designed to take the pain out of converting your paper processes to electronic mobile forms. Our mobile forms are easy to use, straightforward to create, work offline, improve data quality through dynamic controls and get data back to the centre in an instant. And clients can expect a rapid return on their investment.

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