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We’ve been working in partnership with Octavia Software Solutions for many years, pioneering the delivery of mobile data capture in the social housing and care sector.
CEO, Sue Lyons, provides some insights into her experience of introducing Formworks iPad forms to her clients.

Digital data capture is transforming the way remote workers operate in the sector. Gone are the days of finding the time at the end of the day to type up notes taken while visiting clients. iPad forms designed to collect key data are giving support staff more time to spend with clients and providing managers with critical operational data.

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Data can be submitted while with the client updating the background database before they have even left the premises. No more worry for staff about finding the time to update the notes and managers can see instantly any outstanding work giving them more time to focus on the business.

Automatic time stamps and easy access buttons trigger background processes to alert other departments or link with workflows.

The forms can be designed to suit any data collection requirement such as: assessments, room checks, safeguarding issues, contact sessions and support or care plans.

In summary, digital data capture delivers efficiency, time savings and accuracy across tenancy sustainment/intensive housing management and supported services. In some cases, our solutions are saving clients up to 45 minutes per form when compared to paper and pen or other electronic form solutions.

Octavia Software has been delivering software solutions to the social housing sector for over 20 years. OSKA is their market leading Care and Support Solution which integrates seamlessly with Formworks mobile forms.