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The Future of Operational Efficiency

For over a decade, DFSL has been involved in technology transformation projects. From the days of digital pens to the advent of our customisable mobile application, Formworks - we have seen several technological shifts that are radically changing how companies work....

BAM Ritchies Wins Award Using Formworks

BAM Ritchies recently scooped the Data Collection & Reporting award at the 2017 Keynetix Geotechnical Data Management Awards ceremony. The UK’s leading ground engineering service provider was recognised for the transformation of their geotechnical sample...

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The Risk of Not Digitising Your Processes

Productivity has become a major concern across the developed world in the last decade. Even more so in the UK, where our productivity is lagging 15.1% behind the G7 average and 26.5% behind the US. The main culprit? Lack of investment in new, digital technology...

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What is Formworks?

To celebrate the five year anniversary of Formworks, we recently created a new overview video  to spread the word on the benefits of adopting digital mobile forms. We’ve developed Formworks to deliver the flexibility, ease-of-use and scalability that Enterprises and...

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Formworks for iPhone

With this week’s announcement of the new iPhone releases, we thought it would be a good time to let you know how we’re getting on with the development of Formworks for iPhone. Our aim is to enable the data capture forms you’ve created for your iPads or the Web to be...

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Why iPad Is The Best Business Tablet For Mobile Forms

Many organisations are put off by the price point of iPads, but as Fletcher Pelvin (IBM’s IT guy) mentioned in his Jamf tech conference keynote speech, “Windows devices are 3 times as expensive.” In Pelvin’s experience, Apple devices require less support, see better...

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6 Smart Ways To Secure Your Mobile Form Data

  Many of our larger clients have in house security specialist teams and deploy Mobile Device Management Software (MDM) to secure their mobile devices. However, this is not an option for all organisations. We’ve compiled 6 smart security workarounds that will...

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New Mobile Forms Tables Element Coming to Formworks Soon

We’re very excited to update you on the new tables element that we’re aiming to release in September 2017. Many of our clients’ mobile forms are in a list structure: maintenance checklists, inventories, safety checklists … the list goes on! Add Tables To Your Mobile...

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