In 2017, levels of interest in integrating new technologies into existing field service operations are skyrocketing, with 31% of organisations (source: Field Service News) currently adopting digital solutions to improve their efficiencies and customer services.

Recently our team has been working with one of our FM clients to increase the number of mobile workers using digital forms in the field. There are 3 big wins that prompted them to increase the size of their deployment with us.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint using mobile formsMobile Forms Solution

Founded on sustainable principles, the FM organisation we were working with wanted to reduce the usage of paper within their field and back office data capture processes. Replacing paper forms with digital ones was a no brainer for another client, because they realised they could save 250,000 sheets of paper per month as a result of digitising their data capture processes.

2. Save time in the field, in the back office and within your general operationsfield solution
Processing paper forms is time consuming. Misplaced paperwork and handling by mobile workers all add to the time spent filling out paper forms. All of our clients have immediately noticed the time saved by digital forms. Features such as offline forms, pre-filled data, and syncing capabilities allow data to be captured quickly and pushed directly into a database. Data exporting functionality allows data to be manipulated and sent out easier than ever before.
“We are still in the early stages of utilising Formwork’s reporting capabilities but expect to see proof of the time savings and data quality improvements we are already experiencing.” Formworks Client
3. Improve compliance and customer services
The combination of data pre-filling and capture controls within mobile forms enhances the quality of data captured and improves compliance. For our FM client, this impacted everything from their client satisfaction, to their recruitment and job ease of their field, back office and management teams.
“Our admin team love the digital forms. They’ve drastically reduced their paper printouts and spend much less time processing and archiving the data now that the process has been digitised. From a compliance perspective, we are no longer trying to recover missing data because people didn’t fill in the required form fields.” – Formworks Client