When you run a business with extensive data capture requirements, you need flexible mobile form technology for your back office and field teams. The latest release of Formworks has some great features that will help you design smart, mobile forms that make field data capture easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

3 Exciting Updates to the Formworks app:

1. New Digital Form Designer
We’ve upgraded the interface of the Formworks form designer to improve navigation and use of tap and drop fields for designers building digital forms.
2. Mobile Form Tables
The new table element allows form designers to create flexible grid layouts in their digital forms, with the ability to hide and reveal rows or columns, and group information. The use of tables in your digital forms will improve form navigation for the end user and speed up form completion.
3. Form Highlight Colours
We’ve introduced form colours to highlight different field statuses as shown in the example below, which are a useful way of flagging important form data.

Forms Automation Made Simple

This release of Formworks was made available on the 5th February 2018 to our customers with the aim of making it easier to build flexible, large forms that are quick to complete. If you’d like to see how Formworks can automate and simplify your data capture processes, please contact us.