Accelerating Operational Efficiency with BIM 360 and Formworks

Digital Field Solutions today announced it has launched an integration between Formworks and Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360® to streamline workflows for field teams and automate complex data capture in the field.

Many clients who operate in the engineering and construction industry are limited in how they gather and validate data capture during processes like tunneling, geotechnical and Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) which often require complex logic, calculations and validation at the point of capture. The environments they work in often have limited or no internet connectivity or require safety measures that make it difficult to use technology in order to capture and gather the data they need.

Formworks was designed to rapidly solve these challenges by offering a low-code environment for users to build their own custom applications for capturing, validating and sharing complex field data. Databases of assets, parts, people, design data, or sites can even be cached offline on the Formworks app so users always have access to the information that they need.

“The Formworks integration with BIM 360 was developed in order to further resolve data capture and reporting challenges for construction teams working in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. The Formworks application builder can now be used to configure highly complex, offline forms that allow for seamless data transfer to BIM 360” says Tim Howard, co-founder of Digital Field Solutions.

Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360 construction management software is widely used across the construction industry for field data management, commissioning and handover. Integrating the mobile application builder by Formworks with BIM 360 further simplifies users’ ability to access and work with the information they need, when they need it, so they can remain productive, keep projects on track and protect the projects’ profit margins.

This integration allows users to build forms containing local databases, complex logic and validation offline and then automatically route data to BIM 360 Field project folders once they reconnect to the internet. Users can also automatically generate Issues with detailed documentation while in offline mode. Once they reconnect to the internet, the updated project information is automatically synced and the team can take, so corrective action can be undertaken without delay.


Oivind Pettersen, a Digital Manager at Skanska, has been using both applications for several years for advanced tunneling applications. From his perspective, “It’s integral that construction leaders continue to capitalise on the advantages offered by automation and intelligent data management. When I saw the potential offered by an integration between BIM 360 and Formworks, I helped drive a discovery process in order to bring the integration to life. I know this integration will deliver significant efficiencies for our team.”

Automating inspection and reporting workflows and developing granular insights into quality controls through clean, validated data are just some of the ways that organisations like Skanska benefit from more complex integrations built for a mobile world.

“Capturing accurate field data is essential for the overall health of a construction project,” says James Cook head of integrations, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Our integration enables BIM 360 customers to easily add field data collected in Formworks to their projects in BIM 360. This means teams can remain connected on the latest and most accurate information to reduce rework and complete projects as planned.”

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