Moving to mobile forms offer important improvements to organisations with field operations – removing paper, processing information faster, getting rid of copying and re-keying of data into various systems (to name a few of the more obvious ones). Also, whilst deploying Formworks, almost all of our clients have commented on the amount of time that is freed up by cutting down data errors at point of capture.

Get your data right first time by going digital

In a mobile environment, incorrect data captured during a site visit or meeting takes a lot of effort to fix. Often the incorrect or missing data isn’t spotted until much later by the admin team, who then have to contact the field worker or even the client. Misplaced information can necessitate revisits, which cost huge amounts of time and effort. Customer service is impacted and billing delayed.  

Powerful scripting matters

The importance of eliminating data errors is one of the reasons we’ve focused on the development of a powerful scripting engine within Formworks, which provides a huge range of validation options: from simple mandatory fields, to complex conditional logic, data format validation, calculations, algorithms and database lookups. By implementing data validation effectively, errors can be pretty much eliminated, saving on cost, service and the bottom line. We’ve found that Formworks clients continually refine the level of data validation in their mobile forms because it often takes time for error patterns to emerge – which can then be addressed by a simple form adjustment or by additional data controls. One of the strengths of Formworks is the ability to adjust and update forms and redistribute to field staff at the touch of a button. The benefits of transitioning to digital forms are many, but optimising data validation has certainly had one of the biggest impacts on our clients’ field and back office operations.