We are planning to release an updated version of Formworks to the Appstore on the week commencing 8th May. This release contains a broad range of additional mobile form features and fixes.

Feature enhancements:

Mobile form designer upgrade The mobile form designer module has been radically changed to speed up form designing, particularly for larger forms, and to make the scripting process easier. This module is available on the portal as a beta release and can be accessed via the current form builder. Please let us know how you get on and feedback any issues. Photo mark up & improved drawing functions Formworks iPad Forms

Photos captured via Formworks can now be annotated to highlight particular issues etc. This includes arrows and additional stamp letters.

Save username and password options

Usernames are now remembered on the iPad and there is the option to remember passwords. This option is set by the system administrator in the licence admin section. Disabled element visibility improvements The visibility of the title and field text has been improved for disabled data fields. Reference text re-size The reference text on the in-progress and submitted mobile forms lists can now be enlarged via the new mobile form designer. Post submission form edits Submitted mobile forms which have been changed but not re-submitted, are now highlighted by an orange tick. Form search Recently submitted and in-progress mobile forms can now be searched for by Form ID number. Photo sizing In the new mobile form designer, there are now two options for photo size: Small and Standard. The ‘Small’ size is 640 × 478 pixels. The ‘Standard’ size is is equivalent to the current App image size at 1024 × 764. The EXIF data now includes the GPS and last modified date and time. Improved download speeds Syncing has been enhanced to improve speed and reliability.


Last used date

The last used date in the in-progress and submitted iPad forms lists has been fixed to make it consistent
Pre-filled values
The issue where pre-filled values were not appearing in list boxes has been rectified.

How to upgrade:

*As always, we recommend testing this new version of the App with your data capture forms prior to rolling out to your field team. To upgrade the Formworks App, we advise following these simple steps:
  1. Close down any apps running in the background on the iPad and ensure you have a good mobile or wifi connection to the internet.
  2. Login to Formworks
  3. If there are any ‘In Progress’ forms, perform an ‘Upload’ via the information screen in Formworks (not a resync). Using the blue “Upload Forms in Progress” button. The forms in the list will have a green tick when they have been uploaded,
  4. Check all recently submitted mobile forms have synced up to the server (they will have a green tick on them if they have synced,
  5. Once complete, log out of Formworks and remove from memory (but do not delete the app from the iPad)
  6. Download and install Formworks from the App Store.
If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact support@digitalfieldsolutions.com

About Formworks

Formworks, an award winning, secure and agile forms platform that boosts mobile workforce productivity. Our solution encompasses the complete data journey – from point of capture in the field, to processing in the back office, to storage, archiving and the provision of management information.