We recently spoke to one of our FM clients, GreenZone Cleaning, about their desired outcomes of transitioning from paper to mobile forms. GreenZone is a commercial cleaning company who provides services to a wide variety of commercial and residential premises throughout the UK. They’re a company that is centred around sustainable principles and wanted to phase out their reliance on paper to capture their job site assessments, audits and checklists. According to IT Manager, Martyn Sherrif, releasing new versions of their paper forms was a challenge from a team communication and distribution perspective. “Pushing out new forms via Formworks has never been easier. I am confident that when I publish a new form and retire the older version, it syncs with our mobile workers’ iPads and they can immediately start filling in the new form without any confusion,” explains Martyn.

Digital Forms Provide More Control Over Data Capture In The Field

Greenzone’s admin team were constantly struggling with misplaced paperwork and incomplete forms, which is a common problem when working with paper.
“Our admin team love Formworks. They’ve drastically reduced their paper printouts and spend much less time processing and archiving the data now that the process has been digitised. From a compliance perspective, we are no longer trying to recover missing data – people can’t submit the form on Formworks until they’ve filled in the required fields, whereas with paper you don’t have that type of control.” – Hector Gonzalez, IT administrator.
We are always interested in finding out from our clients what they are looking for in a mobile form solution. For GreenZone, they wanted an application that was customisable and flexible. “We looked at two other solutions, but their forms were their forms. We couldn’t really do much to them besides add our company logo,” says Martyn. “Whereas with Formworks, we can design forms exactly the way we want them to look, and the form builder makes it exceptionally easy to do so.” To read the full case study: GreenzoneCaseStudy