forms for ipad Apprenticeships provide an important development route for individuals and are key to the development of the UK skills base. In the 2015 to 2016 academic year, there were nearly 900,000 funded apprentices participating in apprenticeships spanning 170 industries and 1,500 job roles. For many training organisations, paper records are still central to the training journey for learners and employers and for providing evidence to meet funding requirements.

Training Providers Need to Overcome Paperwork Compliance Issues

Training providers still reliant on pen and paper face a range of issues, all of which compromise compliance and support for learners and employers. These issues extend from lost paperwork, to data errors, re-keying costs, processing delays and cost of printing. To raise standards, many training providers are beginning the process of digitising their data capture processes through the use of mobile forms, which provide more control than pen and paper. Benefits organisations are starting to see by switching to mobile forms include:
  • Significant administrative time savings for Apprentice Training Officers, providing more bandwidth to spend with learners
  • Reduced errors and improved compliance because data is validated at point of capture.
  • Faster service cycle times because data is transferred in real time
  • Cost savings through elimination of re-keying into learner management systems
  • Business intelligence and data analytics to make timely strategic decisions
  • Paper and print cost savings

Supporting Apprentice Training Officers

Formworks has partnered with leading apprenticeship training providers across the UK to help Apprentice Training Officers (ATO) support learners and employers more effectively by digitising their data capture processes. The ATO is the link between the apprentice, the college or training provider and employer. It’s their job to monitor learner progress on site and in training through reviews of progress to make sure they achieve their final goals. They manage a broad range of paperwork in the process including; sign up forms, learner progress reviews, health and safety reviews, completion certificates, employer reviews and learning plans. This paperwork is not only important for helping the learner achieve their goals, it also provides evidence for funding requirements.

Are Digital Mobile Forms The Answer?

For those training providers we’ve worked with, Formworks has transformed their processes and the working lives of their ATOs.
“Formworks has made a big impact on my role as a Training Officer. The new sign up form is far more efficient and gives us the qualification codes, which not only makes my job much easier but will reduce a number of processing errors moving forward. Processing is quicker, which keeps our employer happy because we are taking up less of their time too!” – Formworks User
Investing in mobile forms is a strategic and timely move for those organisations still struggling with paper- a no brainer really. If you’d like more information on Formworks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to sign up for a complimentary trial.