When transforming your mobile data capture processes, it’s easy to focus on the technology and lose sight of the people who will be using it – and who will therefore need to change the way they work. Our clients who have successfully made the transition to digital forms have put a great deal of resource and effort into involving users and managing the change process. As we know, people embrace change in different ways – some positive and some not so positive.
“Our production team were used to paper forms. Most of them are not familiar with computers and iPads. They’re used to working with telephones. I would describe them as technophobes. That was the challenge.” Formworks Client
From my experience of implementing many digital form programmes over the years, I’ve found that users tend to fall into three broad personality groups: Formworks users

We all like champions

Champions are up for anything and can give your programme the push or spark it needs to get everyone on board. They engage and provide critical input helping you shape your solution. A potential downside of this group is that their over enthusiasm can lead you down blind alleys if you’re not careful.

Ambivalents provide a good reality check

Away from the enthusiasm of the Champion, Ambivalents generally provide sound input grounded in the day-to-day practicalities.

Sceptics are a double edged sword

On the one hand, Sceptics can help you uncover potential flaws and problems. On the other, they can raise so many issues and problems that your project can get bogged down and may falter. It’s tempting to avoid the Sceptics, but they often provide valuable insights and once convinced can become your biggest advocates.

Set your project up to succeed

If your programme is to succeed, I and many of our clients have found that it’s best to seek out and involve the full range of personalities in your project to ensure that your solution is a perfect fit and, very importantly, to maximise buy in.

Author Bio

Tim Howard is the co-founder of Formworks, an award winning, secure and agile forms platform that boosts mobile workforce productivity. Our solution encompasses the complete data journey – from point of capture in the field, to processing in the back office, to storage, archiving and the provision of management information.