As many of our clients would testify, iPads are a fantastic tablet for mobile workers because of the flexibility, power and reliability delivered by the highly engineered hardware and iOS operating system. We developed our mobile form solution, Formworks, on iOS for these very reasons and are excited to see that the new iOS 11 update aims to further extend productivity.

Apple Announce The Arrival of iOS 11

At the 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference this June, Apple announced the arrival of iOS 11, which boasts a lot of new features for both developers and app users to get excited about. Here is a quick overview of 3 new features that will make life easier for Formworks users and those considering tablet options for their field teams:
  1. New Dock, App Switch and system-wide Drag and Drop improves productivity
The new Dock in iOS 11 enables users to to access favourite and most frequently used apps (Formworks) or files quickly and easily from any screen. In addition to the Dock, a new App Switcher is designed to make life easier when changing apps or open new ones. The new system-wide Drag and Drop feature means moving files and photos between apps will be much quicker and easier. An image, for example, can be dragged and dropped directly into an email.
  1. New Files App
iOS 11 features a new app called Files, which will make life easier for iPad users who don’t want a laptop. Files on iPad will keep documents in one accessible place and will allow users to drag and drop documents or images from apps into designated folders.
  1. Apple Pencil
For iPad Pro models, the Apple Pencil has been improved and will help with sketching, photo markups, pdf markups, signatures and note taking. This feature will be very useful for mobile workers using Formworks to capture rich media within their digital forms. It’s fairly clear that the latest iOS 11 developments are continuing to bring the iPad closer in functionality to the laptop, giving mobile workers a greater opportunity to move to a single device for all their requirements as well as offering opportunities to improve productivity.