forms for ipad Many organisations are put off by the price point of iPads, but as Fletcher Pelvin (IBM’s IT guy) mentioned in his Jamf tech conference keynote speech, “Windows devices are 3 times as expensive.” In Pelvin’s experience, Apple devices require less support, see better adoption rates and result in higher satisfaction scores from employees – this in addition to the durability of Apple products. We have customers using Formworks, our mobile forms applications, on iPads in the harshest of environments: construction sites, tunnelling, wind farms, flooded and fire damaged buildings… fighting against rain, wind, dirt and worse.

iPads Are More Durable

One of the major benefits of an Apple iPad, over its rivals, is its ability to withstand these harsh working environments and deliver a reliable platform for Formworks day after day, providing a remarkable ROI on the hardware. Apple achieves this robustness by constructing the iPad from an aluminium uni-body rather than the usual plastic and metal combination of other brands and uses tough aluminosilicate glass for the touch screen.

Extra Protection For Your Tablet Activations

For particularly problematic environments, or when you need to give that extra bit of protection for the iPad, there are many commercially available cases. Here are a few of the best:
  • The Gumdrop Marine & Industry Case provides a waterproof shell for use around water or in environments exposed to the elements.
  • The Griffin Survivor is another tough case that offers protection against water ingress. It has been tested and certified to meet or exceed the US Department of Defense Standard 810F.
  • If you run Formworks on an iPad Pro options are more limited but the Ballistic Tough has raised lips protruding from the screen and out of the corners, protecting it from any damage. It’s also available for smaller format iPads.
iOS also provides high levels of security for sensitive data. This is why we recommend that enterprises consider iPads for their tablet activations and have chosen to develop Formworks solely as an iOS application.