How often are your mobile staff filling out the same information time and time again when completing their digital forms – job references, customer details, locations, asset information? Not only does this take up time, it also leads to errors that then need to be corrected and re-worked. To eliminate these issues, a few years ago we introduced local databases into the Formworks platform, and they’ve become one of our most powerful and popular features. So what are local databases? As the name suggests, they are databases of information deployed securely within the Formworks App so that users can access the information when completing their forms, even when offline.

Here are just some examples of how databases can be used:

  • Jobsheets, contact reports or claim forms. Include lists of customers, supplier details or spare parts.
  • Sales forms. Include product lists, SKUs and prices to prepare quotations on site and offline for the client to sign there and then.
  • Survey and inventory forms. Include assets, contents and property details which can be retrieved by a simple search function.
  • Include staff or distribution lists so that completed forms can be auto routed to those who need the information
The databases are managed centrally via the Formworks server and sync automatically out to iPad users when they are connected. Databases can even be linked to your CRM or other admin systems and updated automatically.

Client Example:

One of our clients wanted to streamline form completion for progress reports of property refurbishments. With thousands of different properties, they wanted a simple way of including the property details without having to re-key them every time a daily progress report was completed. A database of the properties, their details and associated contacts was set up and made available via a simple search within the progress report. Selecting a property address retrieved all the associated information, even when offline, saving huge amounts of time and improving data quality. The contact lists enabled the forms to be auto-distributed to the correct people based on the region and property being refurbished. If you want to improve your data quality, streamline the data capture process for your field teams and help you deliver a better service to your clients, try out the Formworks local databases by signing up for a free trial.