Embarking on a digital transformation programme can be daunting, so it’s probably not surprising that our most common clients are ones with an urgent problem to solve. It may be that a newly-won customer contract demands a digital solution, their service may be affecting customer retention, or a lack of data is causing compliance issues. Organisations are more likely to take the plunge when they are facing a big challenge- and will reap the rewards for doing so. We talk with a larger number of companies however where, although struggling with antiquated data capture processes, the pain they’re experiencing is not quite enough to incentivise change. They stick to paperwork or inflexible systems which affects their service levels, client retention and profitability. Why the reluctance to act? Quite often, it’s the perceived challenges of implementing a new system that holds clients back. The view that IT projects always take longer than you expect, cost more and under deliver often prevails. Having worked in IT change for many years, I can understand the concerns and scepticism. However, digitising your data capture processes is not as tough, risky or as costly as you might think.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why:

1. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of organisations in many sectors replace paper and legacy data capture systems. You’re unlikely to have a challenge we haven’t seen and overcome. 2. Formworks is a configurable solution, allowing you to create, test and deploy data capture forms using a straightforward drag and drop web interface. 3. Formworks is securely hosted and cloud based for your convenience. There is no requirement for server installations or local software deployments. 4. Formworks runs on iPad, which is, from our experience, the best business tablet out there. They are easy to use, powerful, straightforward to manage and very reliable. We have clients using iPads in underground tunnelling and borehole drilling, and some with iPads still in operation 3+ years on. 5. A broad range of standard connectors are available to push data into your systems and we have a team on hand to create custom integrations when needed. 6. We have the expertise available to manage your implementation from initial analysis to development, integration and deployment – whether your solution is for 10 or 1,000 field staff. Implementations typically take days and weeks rather than months and years. Risks can be managed by starting with small scale deployments and ramping up at your organisation’s preferred pace. My recommendation is don’t hold back. Digitising your field operations has never been more straightforward and the benefits are substantial.

Infographic Showcasing The Benefits of Mobile Forms For Field Teams: