We’re very excited to update you on the new tables element that we’re aiming to release in September 2017. Many of our clients’ mobile forms are in a list structure: maintenance checklists, inventories, safety checklists … the list goes on!

Add Tables To Your Mobile Forms

The new table element allows you to quickly set out your mobile form data elements in a grid. If you have rows or columns that are the same or similar, you can simply copy them down using the form designer. This further speeds up the mobile form creation process. On the iPad, the grid layout is easy to navigate and use. You can enhance the user experience and data compliance by using scripts to hide and reveal rows or columns depending on the field selections, include calculations to add up row or column totals, and use all the usual data validation controls such as required fields or format checks. The video below shows an example of a typical vehicle maintenance checklist using the new tables element. The mobile form dynamically changes depending on whether a daily or weekly service is being completed.  
  We’re really excited about the new tables element, which we know will improve our clients’ mobile form experience. It will make mobile forms even easier to build and control, as well as improve the end-user experience – enhancing both productivity and data quality. Another good reason to choose Formworks! You can sign up for a 30 day complimentary trial of Formworks here.