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What is Workflow Automation and Why Should Your Business Invest In It?

Many companies are quick to write off workflow automation. The technology itself can seem like a big undertaking and inaccessible depending on the size and maturity of your organisation.   We’d like to tell you that not only is workflow automation easy to implement...

BAM Ritchies lead the way with digital data capture

BAM Ritchies is a leading, award winning, geotechnical company providing fully integrated ground engineering services, including ‘design and construct’, for government organisations, local authorities, main contractors, utilities and public / private...

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Teamwork makes the dream work

We’ve been working in partnership with Octavia Software Solutions for many years, pioneering the delivery of mobile data capture in the social housing and care sector. CEO, Sue Lyons, provides some insights into her experience of introducing Formworks iPad forms to...

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Foyle Women’s Aid lead the way

Through our partner Octavia Software Solutions, Londonderry based Foyle Women's Aid recently introduced Formworks to improve their data capture processes. Marie Brown, CEO, is continuing her trend of keeping ahead of the game with technology, ensuring that her team...

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Get the most from your mobile IT investment

There has been a considerable amount of comment recently in the press about the UK’s under performance in business productivity. Whilst there are many complex economic and structural reasons why this may be the case,  it’s clear that a relative lack of investment in...

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The Power of tables

The tables feature has been extremely well received and is being used by many of our clients. We thought you might find it useful to know a bit more about them. Tables enable lists of products, SKUs, prices, clients, parts or assets to automatically sync out to your...

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Formworks increases productivity for Skanska

Skanska Norway AS is a large Norwegian construction contractor operating in both the civil engineering and building sectors. Their tunnelling projects have teams of tunnel workers, engineers and geologists working underground with the construction of new road and...

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Top Tip

Many clients find the "Siri" voice to text converter is an excellent feature that speeds up form completion and boosts workforce productivity. Are you using "Siri"? If you haven't used it yet, try it today and tell us what you think. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OR DEMO <div...

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