mobile form security   Many of our larger clients have in house security specialist teams and deploy Mobile Device Management Software (MDM) to secure their mobile devices. However, this is not an option for all organisations. We’ve compiled 6 smart security workarounds that will ensure your form data stays safe in the field.

1. Use a complex passcode

A lot of mobile workers don’t use a passcode to secure their iPad. If they do use a passcode, it’s a 4 digit one that is oftentimes easy to decode (1234 or 1111). We recommend making tablet passcodes mandatory for workers in the field. This is simple to implement by updating tablet settings to ‘Require Passcode’, using at least 6 characters that contain a mixture of numbers and letters. There are free password managers such as Keeper available on the App store for field workers who are worried about forgetting their passcode.

2. Use Touch ID

If your tablet or iPad supports it, Touch ID fingerprint recognition is a workaround to passcodes, which may be inconvenient in challenging site environments.

3. Erase Data

iOs allows users to erase their data after 10 failed attempts to enter their passcode correctly. This is a nuclear option but does mean that it is very unlikely that your data will fall into the wrong hands.

4. Activate ‘Find my iPad’

Although not foolproof, activating ‘Find My iPad’ is a free Apple service that enables you to track your device’s location and adds another layer of protection should you misplace it accidentally or be the victim of theft.

5. Use a VPN, especially if you use public WiFi

There are many commercial VPN options available on the market. These ensure that any data you send and receive is over a secure link. This is particularly important if you use public WiFi hotspots in cafes, hotels, which are typically insecure

6. Backup your tablet form data

Mobile form solutions like Formworks automatically upload your work in progress to a server. If you lose your device, the data from the last time you had an Internet connection is safe. We recommend connecting to the Internet regularly (a minimum of once a day) to backup your work. While these security tips may sound like common sense, many mobile workers fail to implement them unless they are built into your data capture process. If you’re interested in learning more about Formworks, you can get started by requesting a free diagnostic or complimentary 30 day trial today.