Digital Pen Upgrade

Moving from Digital Pen to Formworks

If you are currently using digital pens for data capture and are thinking about changing, we can help you quickly migrate to Formworks, our iPad forms platform.

There are many good reasons to upgrade:

  • No more paper costs
  • Faster data capture
  • Improved data quality
  • Greater flexibility
  • Much more cost effective
  • Similar hardware cost

Upgrading to Formworks is simple and affordable. Many of our previous digital pen clients have now adopted Formworks and are enjoying the additional benefits it brings to their business.

Move from digital pen to Formworks

Upgrade Success

The results for some of our upgrade clients are outstanding:
  • data capture speed increased by 40%
  • 4.5 hours rekeying time saved per day per team
  • data errors reduced over 60%
Most importantly, employees have found the iPads easy to learn and simple to use.

“Upgrading to Formworks was quick and easy. The team is now much more productive and we would definitely recommend migrating from Digital Pen to Formworks”.

Tim Richardson, Operations Director Ryan Direct

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