What platform does Formworks run on?
Formworks is designed to operate across devices and platforms. Offline functionality is currently available on the iOS app.
Which iPads does Formworks run on?
Formworks is supported on all iPads that run iOS10 and above. For larger forms with complex scripting, we recommend the newer, more powerful iPads. Formworks doesn’t require a large amount of data storage.
Can Formworks work offline?
Formworks is designed to work offline to keep staff working when there is no network connection. Data captured whilst offline is queued for upload when a connection is available.
How easy is it to create forms?
Building forms is straightforward using our web based, drag and drop form designer. You simply drag the form elements (text boxes, photo fields, signatures etc) you want on to your form and then save it to automatically deploy it to your iPad for testing. Watch this video to see how straightforward it is.
Will I need a data card or does Wifi only work?
We have many clients with Wifi only devices. Because Formworks can operate offline, staff can collect data during the day and connect later when they can access Wifi – or use their phone as a hotspot. The downside of Wifi only is that form data tends not to be submitted in real time during the day – which means that service cycle times are increased.
How can Formworks connect to my systems?
We have a range of configurable data export methods – from email to (s)FTP and HTTPS. Data can be exported in a variety of formats including PDF, csv and XML. We also have MS Word and Excel modules which allow you to push data into your own templates.
Is Formworks secure
Yes, security is central to the Formworks architecture. Access to Formworks on the iPad is password controlled. iPad users are set up centrally by the designated system administrator – and can be deactivated at any time. Data is uploaded from the device via secure connection (HTTPS TLS v1.2) to our central server once forms have been completed. Access to form data on the iPad after submission can be controlled centrally. Data is processed on our secure server  infrastructure and output to your systems immediately. As standard, data is retained on our server for 30 days and you can re-process / re-export the data if you need to. The retention time can be reduced if required.
Where is my data stored?
Data is processed and stored within the EEA (Ireland)
How much does Formworks cost?
The cost of your solution will depend on the number device users you need, the specific functionality you require and your support requirements. If you’d like us to provide you with a solution cost based on your particular requirements, simply contact us here.
How do I make my forms dynamic? What controls can I add?
Scripting is used to add form controls to help you improve data quality, speed up data capture and enhance the user’s experience. Typical controls include:
  • mandatory fields
  • conditional logic
  • field level data validation
  • hide and reveal fields, sections and pages
  • calculations
  • external data look-ups
  • mirroring data across fields
  • geotag data
What is the Formworks scripting language?
Formworks uses a subset of the open source language LUA. We provide training and detailed documentation with example code to help you create sophisticated dynamic  forms.
What size teams does Formworks support?
Formworks supports mobile teams of just a few users up to many hundreds.
What applications is Formworks best suited to?
Anything from sales forms to care records, maintenance sheets, safety inspections, training assessments and insurance claim forms – in fact it can replace pretty much any paper form you can think of. Formworks is particularly suited to larger data capture forms with requirements for dynamic controls and data – like quotations, detailed consultations and claim forms for example.
What is the Cloud Hub?
The Cloud Hub allows you store your form data independently within your own Microsoft Windows Azure cloud account. Key features include:
  • automatic storage of all form data submitted by your users.
  • an intuitive dashboard which allows form activity to be tracked in real time.
  • search facility to quickly find, view and download processed forms.
  • ad hoc or scheduled reporting in a range of formats (CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS)
  • ability to push previously completed forms back to iPads for updating.
N.B. The Cloud Hub requires you to provide your own Microsoft Azure account – https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb
How do the shared databases work?
This feature enables you to distribute tables of information automatically to your Formworks device users. The tables reside on the iPad within the Formworks App in an encrypted state and can be accessed from within the forms. Here are just some examples of where databases can be used:
  • Sales forms. You’ll be able to include product lists, SKUs and prices to prepare quotations on site for the client to sign there and then.
  • Survey and inventory forms. Include lists of assets, contents and property details to reduce typing and improve data quality.
  • Jobsheets, contact reports and claim forms. Include lists of customer and supplier details or spare parts to make life easier for the field staff and ensure that the work done is assigned to the correct account. Databases help you improve your data quality, streamline the data capture process for your field teams and help you deliver a better service to your clients.
The databases are managed centrally in the Formworks portal using csv files or can be updated automatically from your systems via web service.
Do I need programming knowledge to set up Formworks?
Most aspects of Formworks require no programming.  Form building,for example is completed using a drag and drop interface. Making your forms more dynamic does require some knowledge of scripting / low level programming, however, we have a large set of resources to assist and can offer training or support as required.
Can I Geotag my forms?
Yes – forms are automatically geotagged when started, provided the device location services are enabled. You can also set particular fields to be geotagged when they are completed through script.
Does Formworks support signature capture?
Yes. signature fields are easy to add to a form. Captured signatures are automatically date and time stamped.
How do I analyse the data I’ve captured?
The Formworks portal has an ad hoc reporting feature for downloading a spreadsheet of your submitted forms for analysis. Alternatively, if you are using the Cloud Hub, you have access to a more sophisticated reporting toolset to help you analyse your form submissions and the data they contain.
How does form pre-filling work?
Pre-filling operates like a mail merge. You can push partially filled forms out to particular iPad users to save them having to complete blank forms. Our clients commonly push out customer visit information so that when the user opens the form all the relevant reference data is included, saving them time and improving data quality. The pre-fill data can be managed by uploading a CSV file to the Formworks portal, or automated by pushing XML from your admin/CRM systems.
What happens if I lose my Ipad?
When connected, your in-progress and submitted forms on your iPad are automatically synced with the server. If you lose your iPad, you can simply log on from another iPad and recover the data that’s been held on the server.
Can I lock out users remotely?
Yes. Users can be deactivated from the Formworks portal by your designated system administrator
Can users share iPads?
Yes, several users can use the same iPad with different user logins. Just login as normal.
Can one user use multiple iPads
Yes, a user can login to different iPads. You  can only be logged into one iPad at a time. Any data synced to the Formworks server will automatically download to the iPad when the user logs in.
Will Formworks make my tea?
Not yet, but if there are features you require we are happy to consider them.

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