Formworks Analytics

Store and Report on all your Form Data

One of the key benefits of moving to digital data capture and automated workflow is the immediate availability of data to support the management of your business.

With our Formworks Cloud Hub we make it easy to store all your form data independently within your own secure cloud account. You can report on and analyse every single piece of data to understand trends and performance without the tedious and time consuming logging and re-keying of data into spreadsheets.

Formworks gives you the information you need to continuously improve your business.

Cloud Hub – Key Features

  • Straightforward to set up.
  • Automatic storage of all live form data (including images, audio and documents) processed via the Formworks portal.
  • Secure transmission of data from point of capture to the Cloud Hub.
  • Easy to use dashboard allows form activity to be tracked in real time.
  • Search facility enables processed forms to be quickly listed using simple filters such as form type, form index, date range and user.
  • Form data can be viewed online and downloaded in a range of common formats including: PDF, Excel and CSV
  • All media (images & audio) and documents associated with submitted forms are available for review and download.
  • Configure ad hoc or scheduled reports of form data in a range of formats (CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS)
  • Push previously completed forms back to Formworks users for review and updating. Great for annual reviews.

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