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Formworks allows you to rapidly build your own powerful mobile applications that contain complex logic and data validation.

With Formworks you can deploy custom mobile apps, that work offline, automate operational workflows and drive dramatic improvements in data quality. Once your data has been captured we offer one of the most flexible solutions on the market when it comes to sharing data in the right format, or integrating with operational systems and analytics dashboards.

Empower your field teams by going digital and bolstering compliance. No more time intensive paper processes, or clunky spreadsheets. Save your staff time and lower resourcing demands by embracing intelligent workflow automation built for mobility. 

Click & Drop App Builder

Barcode Scanning
Date & Time Stamps
….and much more

Bespoke Logic & Low Code Scripting Functions

Acceptable Ranges
Dynamic Data Validation
Local databases (parts, people, site information, design data)
Mandatory Fields
Data Mirroring
Hide & Reveal
Workflows linked to inputs
Flagging Inconsistencies


PDF, CSV, XML, JSON, Word and Excel Outputs

Including a range of protocals and API’s for the likes of Sharepoint, Dropbox, BIM 360, Azure and more.

Click here to see a full list of integration capabilities.

“ Formworks is an exceptionally customisable application and has generated considerable efficiencies for our field teams. It has helped us embrace the changes we need to harness the power of our data while empowering our staff with the automation of complex processes.”

It really is like being able to build your own turbo-charged business operations application in a few days (without costly development exercises).

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