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Your workers are mobile – your business processes should be too

Formworks Mobile delivers true workflow automation and allows you to streamline data capture with one powerful mobile application that is fully functional whilst offline. Clients who have adopted Formworks Mobile have seen increases of 40% in data capture speed, improvements of 60% in data quality and a 60% reduction in data validation activities.

How can Formworks Mobile change your business?

  • Easy drag and drop configuration and the ability to replicate complex data capture processes allows you to build mobile forms that can be used for the most demanding applications.
  • Offline mobile forms functionality and rich multimedia processing allows you to seamlessly capture text, audio, sketches and photos wherever you are in the world.
  • Over 20 mobile form field types, including time stamped signatures and barcode reading, will help meet all your data capture requirements.
  • Secure local databases for lists of products, SKUs, prices, clients, parts or assets are accessible when completing mobile forms in connected and offline environments – saving time and improving data quality.
  • Use our pre-fill functionality to send partially completed forms or tasks to specific users, saving time and improving quality.
  • Using workflow automation, completed mobile forms can be auto-routed to managers or admin teams for sign off or next stage validation.
  • Based on outcomes, information can be automatically escalated to the right team member. There will be no more surprises when it comes to unhappy customers, overspend on projects or underperforming teams.
  • Any data input whilst offline is stored safely and securely on the device and is queued for submission as soon as a connection to the internet is available.
  • Integration with your internal systems is rapid and affordable. No more lost paperwork, or data. 

Even in today’s highly connected world, network coverage is unreliable. Some mobile teams work underground or on-site in remote areas where mobile technical solutions that work offline are a must. Without this capability, productivity is compromised.

Mobile form feature imageAscent Performance Group Ltd is one of the UK’s largest specialist debt recovery law firms. Find out how we helped them save 250,000 pieces of paper per month and over 55 hours of admin time a day by deploying Formworks Mobile.

BAM Ritchies is an award-winning geotechnical company. Find out how Formworks Mobile helped them turbo charge their data collection process and enhance their customer service using dynamic mobile forms with up to 1,300 different fields.

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