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Even in today’s highly connected world, network coverage is patchy. Mobile teams can be working underground or on-site in remote areas so the ability for mobile technical solutions to work offline is a must. Without this capability, productivity, the very reason for adopting mobile technology, is compromised. When we designed our Formworks mobile platform, the ability to operate offline or disconnected was top of the list of priorities (along with ease of use and flexibility).
Formworks mobile forms are fully functional and editable without an internet connection. Formworks even has a local database feature which allows field users to access client, product, pricing or asset information offline when completing their forms saving on typing time and improving data quality. Any data input whilst offline is stored safely and securely on the device and is queued for submission as soon as a connection to the internet is available.

Case Studies

Skanska – underground working

Skanska Norway AS tunnelling projects have teams of tunnel workers, engineers and geologists working on the construction of new road and train infrastructure in Norway. The ability to capture data mobile forms whilst offline is as a necessity when there is no network coverage on the underground works sites.

Benning – Testing and Inspecting

With many clients based in remote locations, Benning still need to be able to capature data when there is no intenet connection.  During tests and inpections data can be easily recorded whilst offline and data submitted as soon as network coverage becomes available.

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