Property And Facilities Management


GreenZone are an award-winning commercial cleaning company – providing services to a wide variety of premises across the UK over the past 10 years.

Mobile Situation

GreenZone have teams of mobile workers who conduct site assessments, and rely on a variety of checklists and form types to conduct their audits. 


Formworks provided a digital form and workflow automation
solution to remove the need for paper. Formworks allows
staff and executives to easily design forms that are intuitive
to use; while advanced enough to reap considerable
efficiencies through custom logic and data validation.


The Challenge

Outside of the abovementioned wide variety of checklists and audit forms, for GreenZone’s management team, the use of paper forms was a consistent challenge from a team communication and work management perspective. When working with paper, GreenZone’s administrative team struggled with misplaced paperwork, incomplete forms, heavy admin overheads and poor data quality.


The Solution

The option to pre-fill forms to be sent to each user
allows for easy task allocation, a clear audit trail, and a reduction in management overheads. In-form validation and coding allows for data errors and incomplete forms to be flagged early, improving
compliance and reporting quality.
Managing changes to processes was vastly simplified as process amendments could be implemented through the Formworks designer. The changes would then instantly reflect on the forms/applications used by mobile workers.
Management in turn have real-time visibility on process performance and weekly/monthly reporting has been made more transparent and efficient.
The reduction in paper and the associated waste
generated also aligns with the core values held by
GreenZone of sustainability and greener ways of working.


The Benefits

Formworks is now an integral part of GreenZone’s operations and over the last 3 years additional use cases and more sophisticated methods for data transfer and management have been implemented resulting in an increased ROI. In turn staff morale has been boosted as administration has been reduced and employees now have more time for higher value activities.

“Pushing new forms out via Formworks to our mobile workers has never been easier. I am confident that when I publish a new form, it syncs with the iPads and our mobile workers start filling them in.”


Martyn Sheriff, IT Manager at GreenZone