ROCKWOOL, the world’ s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation.

Mobile Situation

Rockwool’s field refurbishment and regeneration team operate across the UK, installing external insulation to private and commercial properties.


Formworks for iPad delivered to installer support technicians including the digitisation of a wide range of quality, inspection and test forms.


The Challenge

Rockwool had a wide team of technicians using exclusively manual- and paper-based processes. This resulted in duplicated effort both in field and administrative team output, with a higher overall cost to the company. Scanning and re-keying data left room for error that had the potential to encrue error down the operational line, as well as a slower turnaround time for the customer. Consistency, automation and ease of use were primary goals for the data capture and integration project.


The Solution

ROCKWOOL deployed the Formworks platform to improve the accuracy, speed and service offered to its clients from the field refurbishment and regeneration team. In keeping with ROCKWOOL’s strategy of ‘customer focus’, Formworks has allowed the team to become quicker and more efficient in replying to the customer following inspections and meetings, improving customer satisfaction levels considerably. Formworks enables an Installer Support Technician to bypass the time-intensive process of scanning or re-keying data from paper forms, allowing them to capture data in real time on their iPads and provide feedback to customers then and there – moving from an average turn around time previously of 5 working days.

mobile forms construction


The Benefits

Formworks, which is fully functional even when offline, allows the team to attach supporting photos and secure the customers signature, agreeing further action when appropriate, greatly improving the turnaround times. Implementation was straightforward, with Digital Field Solutions updating the team’s iPads without any additional
input from ROCKWOOL’s IT department. DFS worked with the technicians directly to construct the digital forms.

“The Formworks solution has improved every aspect of this part of our business and gives the field teams the flexibility to deal with changing customer requirements and report this back instantaneously.”

Darren Snaith, Manager of Installation and Delivery at ROCKWOOL UK