Skanska Norway AS is a large Norwegian construction contractor operating in both the civil engineering and building sectors.

Mobile Situation

Skanska’s tunnelling projects have teams of tunnel workers, engineers and geologists working underground with the construction of new road and train infrastructure in


Formworks for iPad set up and delivered to capture information on tunnel construction activities, including customisation and integration with legacy systems.


The Challenge

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The Solution

Using Formworks, iPad forms were set up and optimised with formulas and logic to capture information on tunnel construction activities. Forms were customised for different tasks and set up to automatically calculate time spent completing them. The forms include a sketching feature, enabling geologists to quickly map out support bolt locations. Data from the forms is fed directly into the project management reporting systems.


The Benefits

Project managers are now able to see how much time is being spent on particular jobs. The utilisation of Formworks has resulted in saving at least 400 minutes a day per project. Prior to Formworks, paper forms were misplaced, lost, were
incomplete or contained data entry errors. Now 100 percent of forms are submitted and all data can be accounted for. Data no longer has to be manually entered and migrated into various internal systems. It is now automatically stored on an internal server which links to Skanska’s various internal databases for swift reporting.

“Since using Formworks the Skanska project team are saving at least 6.5 hours per day now that data no longer has to be manually entered and migrated into various internal systems.”