Formworks eliminates paper and data re-keying and is easy to use in even the most challenging situations. Because Formworks operates offline – data can be captured anywhere, anytime – from tunnels to windfarms.

Underground Construction

Digital Pen Solutions

Skanska engineers and geologists working underground on the construction of new road and train infrastructure in Norway are using our Formworks iPad solution.

Forms have been created and optimised with formulas and logic to capture information on tunnel construction activities. The form templates are customised for different tasks and set up to automatically calculate time spent completing them so that Project Managers can see how much resource is being spent on particular jobs.

Data no longer has to be manually entered and migrated into various internal systems. It is now automatically stored on an internal server which links to Skanska’s various internal databases for swift reporting.


RES, a global leader in the renewable energy space, needed a way of tracking and automating management of project spend.

Previously a complex combination of manual processes and spreadsheets were used to authorise project spend. The risk of errors and lost data was high and needed to be mitigated to reduce financial risk. 

Using smart workflows and intelligent automated approval processes, Formworks transformed the current process through data validation, removing the need to manually share data and a full audit log.

Since using Formworks the Skanska project team are saving at least 6.5 hours per day now that data no longer has to be manually entered and migrated into various internal systems.

External Insulation Installation

Digital Pen Solutions

We delivered Formworks to Rockwools installer support technicians. The project included the digitisation of a wide range of quality, inspection and test forms. We quickly implemented Formworks and worked with the technicians directly to construct their digital forms.

Formworks has improved the accuracy, speed and service offered to clients from the field refurbishment and regeneration team. It allows the team to be quicker and more efficient in replying to the customer following inspections and meetings, and has improved customer satisfaction levels.

Ground Investigations

Digital Pen Solutions

Our development team worked in partnership with BAM Ritchies geotechnical engineers to set up a range of data capture applications on the Formworks platform.

BAM Ritchies has benefited from real-time project cost tracking, time management and greatly improved inspection data. This data flows directly into core operational software for enhanced reporting and project management.

The elimination of paper and spreadsheets means Formworks delivered exceptional ROI – reducing unnecessary time spent on admin by key resources and improving compliance through the reduction of data errors.

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