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Formworks is perfect for consultations, advisory or claims situations. Even large forms are easy to navigate and complete. Data validation and logic ensure that everything is captured correctly, improving quality and compliance and cutting re-work.

Ryan Direct – Insurance Claims

Digital Pen Solutions
Many insurance claims require field visits by qualified professionals who assess the validity of the claim, quantify the extent of damage and put in place remediation plans. Data collection in the claims sector is characterised by structured information and unstructured notes and sketches for which iPad forms are well suited. Our solutions have delivered a faster claims process, reduced error rates, lower administrative costs, improved compliance and more accurate and timely management information.
“Upgrading to Formworks was quick and easy. The team is now much more productive and we would definitely recommend migrating from Digital Pen to Formworks” Tim Richardson, Operations Director, Ryan Direct Group

Specialist debt management

Digital Pen Solutions
Formworks has replaced The Ascent Performance Group’s paper process with secure iPad forms which are available offline and include data validation controls, logic and calculations. The combination of data pre-filling and data capture controls within forms has enhanced data quality, improved compliance and reduced rework. By using Formworks, Ascent has enhanced data security and over 250,000 pieces of paper are saved each month. Field representatives save up to an hour of admin time a day and processing costs have been cut through the elimination of re-keying. The flexibility of Formworks means that forms can be quickly amended to meet customers’ changing needs.

Will and Trust Advisory Services

Digital Pen Solutions
We replaced the Assist Law’s traditional paper process with secure iPad forms which are available offline. Since adopting Formworks the business has made significant savings through the elimination of printing, lost paperwork and postage. Their service cycle time has also been reduced dramatically by the electronic transmission of data from the field and the cost of processing cases has been cut by the elimination of data re-keying. Most importantly, the business has been able to improve their overall client experience and strengthen its position in the market.

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