Formworks is the perfect tool for sales executives and consultants in the field. Your iPad Forms can include dynamic data for product and price lists – so quotes can be completed and signed there and then. Deals are closed more quickly and, because the data is uploaded instantly, both service and cashflow are improved.
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We replaced the Assist Law’s traditional paper process with secure iPad forms which are available offline. Since adopting Formworks the business has made significant savings through the elimination of printing, lost paperwork and postage. Their service cycle time has also been reduced dramatically by the electronic transmission of data from the field and the cost of processing cases has been cut by the elimination of data re-keying. Most importantly, the business has been able to improve their overall client experience and strengthen its position in the market.
Assist Law

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Digital Pen Solutions
Using Formworks, paper based sales forms were replaced with secure iPad templates with data validation controls to ensure that required information is collected at each client meeting. The iPad forms are easy to use and available offline so the sales staff can work in no signal zones. When connected, data is immediately transmitted from the field and automatically fed into the CRM system. The Formworks solution has improved the quality of data captured during each account visit, reducing the requirement for later rework or re-visits. Significant savings have been made through the elimination of paper, printing and postage and by cutting back office validation and re-keying activities .

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Digital Pen Solutions
The management team wanted to boost the performance and productivity of its 115 strong sales force by streamlining sales data capture, reduce data re-keying and improve access to management information. Sales activity data was traditionally captured on spreadsheets. Using Formworks, spreadsheets have been replaced with secure iPad forms which include validation controls to ensure that all required information is collected. Captured data is transmitted from the field in real time and fed into the Formworks Cloud Hub where it is immediately available for activity tracking, analytics and reporting. The Formworks solution has saved time for the field representatives, has improved the quality of data captured and has delivered enhanced, up to the minute, reporting for the management team.

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