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Automate your processes across business functions and devices

Formworks Online uses powerful browser-based technology to digitise dynamic forms and workflows through a simple interface. All your regularly used business forms can now be made available to staff or clients via web browser across multiple devices and platforms.

Replace all those difficult to manage paper, PDF or Word documents with easy to access, powerful, dynamic web forms that can incorporate logic, validation, hide and reveal preferences and calculations to improve data quality. Include workflow logic to auto route completed forms based on data and rules to managers or admin teams for authorisation or further validation.


Track sales closing. Speed up conversions through dynamic order forms and workflows. Instantly share sales intelligence with internal stakeholders. Enhance sales reporting.


Provide staff or clients with access to dynamic finance, purchase order or claims forms and automate financial data capture into a consolidated database. Enhance financial business intelligence.
Improve Quaility

Contact Centres

Streamline data capture from inbound and outbound calls with dynamic web forms for product or service  enquiries, queries or complaints. Track processing time and clean up internal data.


Register clients or members in a few easy steps via simple to set up, easy to use, dynamic web forms that share and aggregate information.


Get valuable customer and staff  insights with quick, web-based surveys that you design and instantly share yourself. No more standalone survey software required.
Improve Quaility

Human Resources

Simplify your HR processes by providing staff and new joiners with access to enrolment, holiday, feedback, expenses, vehicle checks and HSEQ digital forms that work across devices.

Why use Formworks Online?

  • Easy drag and drop configuration and the ability to replicate complex data capture processes means that Formworks web forms can be used for even the most demanding applications.
  • Secure online databases mean that lists of products, SKUs, prices, clients, parts or assets are accessible when completing forms – saving on typing, time and improving data quality.
  • Over 20 field element types mean that all data capture requirements can be met – including time stamped signatures.
  • Using workflow automation, completed forms can be auto-routed to managers or admin teams for sign off or next stage validation.
  • Based on outcomes, information can be automatically escalated to the right team member – no more surprises when it comes to unhappy customers, overspend on projects or underperforming teams.  
  • Integration with your internal systems is rapid and affordable. No more lost paperwork, or data.

“The results are even better than we’d hoped for. Time savings and data accuracy are two big wins since moving to Formworks.”

Øivind Pettersen, Digital Project Manager

It really is like being able to build your own turbo-charged business operations application in a few days (without costly development exercises).

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