Workflow Automation

With Formworks you can build bespoke workflow automation and data capture solutions to replace paper based, manual or repetitive data processes in use across your business.

Formworks allows you to automate the capture of your data in completely bespoke ways and automate complex business processes using configurable dynamic forms combined with a powerful scripting engine in hours and days rather than months.

Imagine replacing all those manual authorisation processes (purchase orders, sales orders, expenses, job sheets) with end to end digital processes that are fully auditable. Eliminate time consuming re-keying and data errors whilst boosting service and shrinking cycle times.

See how Formworks can transform your processes with digital workflow automation:

  • Automate your approval processes with Formworks (View here)
  • Automate your customer experience (View here)
  • Streamline and automate your internal paperwork (View here)

Workflow Automation Benefits


Gain end to end control of your data capture and authorisation processes.

Data Quality

See dramatic improvements in data quality and compliance.

Improve Quaility


Improve data security – gain control over how and where data is captured, how it is transferred and where it is stored.

Real Time Data

Access real time data so you can monitor and improve your business processes, cut costs and boost services.

Boost Service

Cut cycle times, deliver better service, impress your customers and beat the competition.

Improve Quaility

Sleep Easier

It really is like being able to build your own turbo-charged business operations application in a few days (without costly development exercises).

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